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For over 30 years the professionals at Downtown Printing Inc., have been happily printing. As the “go to printer” in Downtown Nampa, we are proud to partner and deliver quality every time with a wide variety of customers and projects. Thank you to all of our great and loyal customers!  Our dedicated team can get it done when you need it. Do you have a special project you are working on?  Do you need a proof?  Or, maybe a few hundred prints?  Whatever the number, call us to arrange to have it ready for you in a timely manner.

Downtown Printing & Copy Center
Q: What do people want to know about Downtown Printing?

A: Every person and every job matter to us. We are family here, and after the first order with us, we hope you will feel a part of it too.

Q: Why are you different from other print shops?

A: We certainly may not provide everything, but we provide excellent customer service and quality products. If we cannot help you with a project, we will be sure to direct you in the right direction that will meet your needs. We offer an array of services, experience and a knowledgeable staff with over 30 years in the community. We are sure you will be happy as our customers have been over the years.

Q: What makes your job rewarding?

A: The Customers! A lot of our customers have been coming in for years. So many in fact, that you almost feel they are part of our family. We’ve had tears of happiness and tears of sadness on our counter, and it’s nice to know they feel that they can confide in us whether it’s for a single copy or a large job, or maybe just to talk.

It’s rewarding to know that our customers trust in us that much.

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